Business Owner & Location Details

Your business owner & location details

The first step in registering your business with is to provide key contact & business information, allowing customers to contact your business.

Item names that are bold are required, other data is optional.

Contact information

  • contact name: simply enter the key contacts name
  • contact number: a telephone or mobile number that will not be published online
  • contact email: an email address that will not be published online
  • billing email: an email for your accounts person, will not be published online

Business information

  • trading name: the name your customers know you by
  • business name: the legal name of your business, not published online
  • business numbers: add all the telephone numbers customers can use to reach your business
  • web site: add your business web site address
  • online store: tick this box if you sell your products online
  • description: tell everyone about your business

Once the form is compete hit “next” to move onto your location details.

Physical address

  • level & building: allows adding Level 2, finda building
  • street: type your street number & name. should suggest your address, simply click the correct address from the options
  • other details: should you address not be suggested, fill in other address details
  • map: to adjust your location on the map, click and drag the red icon to pin point your business

Postal address & Billing address

Both postal & billing address forms will automatically inherit the physical address. You can change these, simply untick the “Same as …. ” box beside the name, and fill in the forms