Finda® Drive / Vital Comments and Reviews Policy

Finda® Drive / Vital Comments and Reviews Policy


We welcome your comments on our articles as long as they are relevant, respectful and civil in tone. Users must be logged in in order to leave a comment. We do not pre-moderate comments. However in order to maintain this site as a trusted and useful resource, we reserve the right to remove any comment that does not comply with our comments policy.


Reviews are a great way to let your fellow Kiwis know about the great service you’ve had from local Kiwi businesses.

Had a less than stellar experience with a business? Reviews can also be a good way to share some constructive feedback, which can help local businesses improve on aspects of their business or alert other customers to watch out for less than professional behaviour.

All reviews should be based on a personal experience with a business and their services. Be honest, constructive and helpful. Stay objective and avoid naming anyone in your review. Also, try not to be emotional in your review and stick to the facts.

  • Keep your review brief and to the point – usually 20-60 words is a good measure
  • Reflect your personality – your review could be interesting, humorous, or straight to the point
  • Be original – let us know the unique or quirky things about the business you discovered, as that will make your review a great read
  • Explain yourself – sure, you might like to write in your review that the business was ‘pretty good’ but we are keen to know why it was so good – so don’t be shy!
  • Keep it real – people appreciate your thoughts and opinion so don’t write anything false or incorrect
  • You may also like to offer suggestions to better improve the business if you feel it could help.

We’ve put together some FAQ’s to help you find out more about how Comments and Reviews on finda Drive / Vital work.

FAQ’s for Users

Q. How do I post a review?

  • Register and login
  • Find the business you want to review and scroll down to the review section
  • Choose a star rating and write a review. Hit submit.
  • Your review will go live immediately unless it is picked up as being spam in which case it will be rejected

Q. How do I post a comment?

  • Register and login
  • Scroll down to the end of the article you wish to comment on and select ‘Post your comment’.
  • Leave us a comment that is thoughtful, truthful, and relevant
  • For the most part your comment will go live immediately. Comments that include profanity, spam or links will not

Q. Can I delete my review?

Absolutely. You’re welcome to delete and change your review any time. This can be a great thing to do if the business has addressed your concerns & you want to acknowledge that.

You’ll first need to login. Then click on your account at the top right hand corner to access your account section. Here, you’ll see a list of all submitted reviews.

Q. Why do I have to be logged in?

finda Drive  / Vital does require that you register before you can submit a review or comment so that we can contact you if you need to adjust your review/comment (spelling, grammar, language).

Don’t worry, your privacy is very important to us, we won’t share your contact details with any business

FAQ’s for Advertisers

Q. Why do you publish reviews?

We want to help enable a two way conversation with your customers. Reviews are a valuable insight into how your customers rate your business, and drive user engagement and interaction with your listing.

We ask users to warrant that they are submitting factual reviews based on their actual experience. This forms part of the review guidelines policy which users must accept before we publish any reviews. Users have to be registered on the site and logged in. This helps us identify the user, so they know they are accountable for their review.

Q. Can I get a review removed?

You can get in touch with us and raise your concerns. Our team will check the review to see if it violates our review guidelines. Please be aware that we are trying to create a forum where our users can share both positive and negative experiences.

Q. Do you have a policy for removing reviews?

Yes. We want to publish reviews that are based on fact, helpful and relevant, and we have a number of checks and measures in place. We will remove reviews that:

  • We have reason to believe are defamatory (that is, containing false statements about an identifiable person, which could damage their reputation).
  • Contain criminal allegations. Users who have evidence of any allegations should discuss these with the New Zealand Police directly.
  • We have reason to believe are a self-review.
  • Contain spelling mistakes, poor grammar or inappropriate language.

Q. Why would I want reviews on my business listing?

  • Reviews are great for getting insights into the experiences customers have had with your business.
  • Reviews are also good from a Search Marketing perspective – the more reviews your business has the better!
  • Reviews help your business appear further up in organic search engine results pages, as they are a form of unique content.

Q. Do you publish reviews to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media?

No, not at the moment. A review on Finda Drive  / Vital is only published on your business listing.

Q. Do you decline any reviews?

Yes, reviews identified as spam will automatically be declined and will not be published.

Hints and Tips

We realise there are two sides to every story. This is why we built the Yellow review system to allow you, as an advertiser, to respond to any review you wish to. We’ve put together some hints and tips to help you respond to both those great and tricky reviews!

Tips for responding to a positive review

It’s a bit of an art to respond to a positive review. Even though you’d think it’d be a simple thing to do.

Here are some quick tips:

  • You can simply say “Thank you”
  • Let the reviewer know how important customer feedback is to your business.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid thank you gifts – gifts, while lovely, often come across as bribes and you don’t want it to appear that you buy reviews
  • Don’t ask for personal details.

Remember, this reviewer already likes your business, use this as a simple opportunity to say thanks!

Tips for responding to a negative review

It’s an art to respond to a positive review, it’s an experience in professionalism to respond to a negative review. It’s easy to respond from a place of emotion. We all care deeply about our businesses and we don’t like it when anyone says something negative about us.

However we can also learn from negative reviews, and all business owners have the occasional bad day. Here are some quick tips.

  • Admit fault – regardless of it being your fault or not. It’s not about who’s right or wrong, it’s about correcting what doesn’t work
  • Be honest and keep it simple – try not to make excuses.
  • Thank them – if they have offered some constructive feedback, thank them for it
  • If you make changes based on their comments – thank them and let them know!

Suggestions of things to avoid

  • Don’t play the blame game – it can be frustrating for everyone
  • Try not to make excuses
  • Don’t offer them a gift if they change their review

Please remember that if you feel that the review is inappropriate for any reason, just let us know. Under each review you’ll see a link allowing you to mark the review for moderation. Just click the link and add a brief explanation. We’ll take a look and be back in touch.

Overall we’d recommend, taking a deep breath, and write a short, simple response. Remember your response is going to be visible on your Yellow listing. How you respond to this feedback can help influence how others view your business.

Here’s an example of a response to a negative review:

(For a restaurant review)

Thanks for your feedback! We’re really sorry we ran out of gluten free options on Friday night – especially when it was your anniversary dinner. We pride ourselves on catering for any food intolerances and are usually well stocked to do so.

We’ll be reviewing what happened on Friday night and I’ll personally find out why we couldn’t offer you any gluten free options.

I hope you do drop by again soon, we’ll make sure we’re stocked up on gluten free options for next time.


The Bay View Restaurant

Instead of…

Friday nights are our busiest nights, usually we’d stock gluten free food but we’ve just been so busy lately. It’s no wonder we were out. You could have ordered the soup.

Next time how about cutting us a break, our usual staff was short numbered as the flu hit us hard this year.

The Bay View Restaurant

We suggest you encourage your customers to review your business. Lots of great reviews will ensure your business stands out and will quickly offset any negative reviews you may receive.

Our reviews are ordered by date – so any new reviews will push older reviews down. Encouraging your customers to write fresh reviews helps keep positive reviews at the top.

If you sort out a negative review with a reviewer, encourage them to post a follow up review – it’s a great way to show other customers your business is customer focussed.

Advertiser Policy

We understand your business is your livelihood and a bad review can have serious repercussions. To help protect your business we have a put a number of checks and measures in place to try and mitigate any potential negative impact

Here are some of the measures we’ve put in place.

  • Validated registration and log in – before anyone can submit a review they must first be registered and logged in. All registrations are validated and checked to ensure they have been created by a human.
  • If a review is published that you deem to be inappropriate or written by a competitor, please let us know by emailing our disputes team: Once we receive your complaint we will investigate the review and make a decision on whether to keep the review up or remove it.
  • An escalation process – if you aren’t happy with a review that has been published and you have emailed us to let us know you can escalate your grievances further by contacting your Finda rep directly.