10 tips to get the most out of your finda.co.nz listing

You’ve got a great business, you’ve invested in a website, you are found online in “Google” – but are you forgetting something? Local search, an extension of the old “Yellow Pages” is THE way businesses are being found today. Can customers find YOUR business?

Here are 10 tips to get the most out of your listing.

  1. Get a finda.co.nz listing

    If you haven’t already got a listing – get one. Check finda.co.nz, you might be surprised to find you have one. With 75% of New Zealand’s businesses online, finda.co.nz is NZ’s fastest growing local search site.

    Finda.co.nz offers free listings and paid listings, however allow you to promote your business, get better results or even “own” a category result.

  2. Write a story

    Sell, Sell, Sell. The people using finda.co.nz are looking for a solution (product or service), they are highly focused and ready to purchase. Your listing needs to convert them into a sale. Ask your top sales person to help write a compelling description.

    Give the visitor enough information to satisfy their quest, but leave them with “call to action” – a reason to contact your business.

  3. Multiple listings

    The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt is well known for saying “People advertise in more than one place”. This also applies to online listings. The more places you list your business, the more people will see it. We recommend you purchase a high ranking listing on finda.co.nz and support it with free or lower priced listings on other local search sites.

  4. Update regularly

    Unlike the old printed book directories, finda.co.nz is not a “Print and Forget” technology. Visitors, Google and finda.co.nz love content that changes regularly. Talk about promotions, awards and changes within your business.

    Update your finda.co.nz listing at least 4 times a year – more regularly if you have information to share. However don’t overdo it, keep it to once a month at most.

  5. Leverage the media

    People follow the media and discuss the trends, you can leverage this to drive qualified traffic to your listing. For example, KiwiSaver is a popular theme. If you are in the financial sector you should be discussing KiwiSaver in your description. However make sure the content is relevant to your business.

  6. Support your listings

    Listings on finda.co.nz don’t work alone, make sure your website and staff support your listing. Create customised “landing pages” to capture and convert your visitors into customers, and educate your staff to convert visitors/callers into customers.

  7. Drive sales with coupons

    finda.co.nz’s new coupons are a fantastic way to move stock, to drive customers and to track traffic. Make sure your coupon says “free” or “discount” in the title to be most effective. finda.co.nz allows you to add free coupons to your listing.

    Why not try “A/B” testing? Create 2 coupons for the same offer, but change the wording. Use coupon A for 1 week, then try coupon B – find out which (A or B) drives more sales. Keep using the successful coupon to drive your sales.

  8. Discover

    How do people find your business? If you don’t ask you won’t know. Why not offer a discount for those who found you on finda.co.nz. Incentives are a great way to encourage customers to tell you how they found you. For example, including “Tell us you found Your Business on finda to receive a bonus 5% discount” in your description.

  9. Reviews

    Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising. finda.co.nz leverages word of mouth through online reviews. Encourage your customers to review your business on finda.co.nz through a instore competition or incentive.

    What about negative reviews? finda.co.nz allows you to post a response. Many businesses are now using negative reviews to grow respond to customer concerns and to improve their business.

  10. Communicate

    Unless you communicate your potential customers will never know what your business does. Create a digital newsletter, send out regular updates, and leverage your finda.co.nz listing, reviews and coupons to pull all communication together.

Call finda (0800 823 225) and allow one of our sales team to help you utilise these 10 tips to enhance your listing today. Let finda.co.nz & wises.co.nz grow your business with highly focused, ready to purchase customers.