Adding a review

User Review Guidelines

All reviews should be based on a personal experience with a business and their services. Be honest, constructive and helpful. Stay objective and avoid naming anyone in your review. Also, try not to be emotional in your review and stick to the facts. When writing your review, feel free to add a bit of humour or tell a story. Remember your review may help others shape their choices about a business and its products and services. Think about what others might want to read about. The best reviews, which grab attention and trust from others, are friendly and useful. They describe a personal experience which you’ve had and why you think other Kiwis will be interested in using a particular business.

  • Keep your review brief and to the point – usually 20-60 words is a good measure
  • Reflect your personality – your review could be interesting, humorous, or straight to the point
  • Be original – let us know the unique or quirky things about the business you discovered, as that will make your review a great read
  • Explain yourself – sure, you might like to write in your review that the business was ‘pretty good’ but we are keen to know why it was so good – so don’t be shy!
  • Keep it real – people appreciate your thoughts and opinion so don’t write anything false or incorrect
  • You may also like to offer suggestions to better improve the business if you feel it could help.

What if I had a poor experience?

It does happen. The builder you hired turned out to be not quite as helpful you expected. You went to a great café, but they were having an off day. Although we encourage you to share your experience with other Kiwis, we do ask that you stick to the facts, be honest and helpful. Try to be constructive – maybe offer some suggestions or tips about how you might have liked the experience to have been. Note: we do moderate all reviews. If we believe a review is: slanderous, a self-review, contains criminal allegations, spelling mistakes, has poor grammar or inappropriate language; we will decline the review.

Do you ever remove reviews?

The general rule is we don’t. We encourage you to share your experiences – good or bad. However, we do reserve the right to remove any review we deem necessary for any of the following reasons:

  • We believe it contains slanderous or defamatory content
  • We believe the review is a self-review
  • We believe the review contains criminal allegations. If you have evidence of these allegations we recommend you discuss these with the New Zealand Police directly
  • If the removal of the review is at the request of the New Zealand legal system
  • We believe the review contains a number of spelling mistakes, has poor grammar or contains inappropriate language
  • Where the business has changed ownership, therefore the review may no longer be relevant
  • If we believe the review has been written by a competing business