Spam – we hate it

We hate spam, probably more than you do – we do everything we can to keep finda spam free.

Email communication, though integral to the functioning of finda, leaves us open to spammers, scammers, and worms. We devote a LOT of time and energy to combating these evils, but it’s a never-ending battle. If you’re seeing a new outbreak, please let us know by contacting us. If you have ideas on how we can do a better job, please contact us.

Businesses are not listed on finda to be bombarded by spam – this includes NZ businesses sending emails offering their services to other businesses, even if you think your business can help another business – it is still classed as spam.

It should be noted that any email that even remotely appears to be spam, or is sent to more than one business is flagged by our spam system for a manual review. This way we can be sure we catch 100% of all spam.

Members who routinely break these rules will be banned from finda and all business listings they have, will be deleted immediately.

Members who are banned who register under a new username and begin spamming again will have their details passed onto the relevant authorities.

If you have seen a spam message please contact us regarding it.