Using local search to drive traffic

“Why should I list my business online when I rank well with Google?”

With over 10 million pages being added to the internet every day, it’s not an easy thing to drive traffic to your business or website.

So why should a business invest more time, effort and money into getting their business listed in an online local directory? There are a number of reasons, but let’s take a look at the three leading ones all of which can help drive more leads to your business

  • Better search engine results, saving you time and money
  • Greater control
  • Highly targeted audience

Better Search Engine Results
If you are offering your customer ongoing support, additional information or tips through your website, then you need to be sure that your site is highly visible on all search engines. spends a significant amount of time and money working to have a high visibility in search engines. For any business trying to do this themselves it can be an extremely time consuming and costly experience.

Greater Control
The approach to content is different from other online searches. We ensure your web information is instantly visible, because you have submitted the information directly into the database.

Unlike search engines that may only offer infrequent content changes, or printed directories that can only change once a year, online local directories allow you to tweak, customise and change the content anytime that suits you best. For example, the focus of your listing may change for seasonal promotions, a particular sale, or if you wish to quickly combat competitive activity. All this can be done in a matter of moments.

With your content description, you have complete control over what your potential customers may or may not see and where they might see you.

Highly Targeted Audience
There are billions of people searching the internet everyday looking for all types of different information. Search engines are built to cater to find just that, a wide and varied range of information. People searching an online directory however are looking for a product, service, business or specific item making the searches more highly targeted and very focused.