Why should I upgrade

finda® is one of New Zealand’s premier business directories. 236,000 Kiwis visit finda® each month (Source: Nielsen Online Ratings Aug 2013 – Jul 2014) and finda®users tend to be young, financially stable and hold the purse strings. finda® listings regularly show up near the top of Google searches – over 1.6 million Kiwis used Google to search for a product or service in the last week (Source: Nielsen CMI YE Q2 2014, Base 15+).

Make your listing easier to find by upgrading your priority listing. finda® has free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Market Leader Priority listings available under each category. The higher your priority, the more likely you will appear higher in search results and get views by users. Priority listings give advertisers additional characters in the business description, categories, products and brands, digital display advertising within your listing, images and deep linking to your website. These additions make your site more search friendly by Google and increase the chance of capturing online searchers.

www.finda.co.nz is always looking for exciting new ways to promote our business listings. Our partnership with Google Maps means your business information may now be found on finda.co.nz, wises.co.nz and maps.google.co.nz.

To enquire about upgrading your listing on finda® call us today on 0800 823 225.