Why won’t finda work in my web browser?

Hey, I’ve visited the new finda site and it doesn’t work in my web browser (what is a web browser?), why?

Well, when it came to building the new finda site, we wanted to really push the limits of what we could do. We’ve got great new features like:

A lot of what we do here on finda, makes use of technology that just isn’t supported in some older browsers. With new things like iPad’s and iPhones coming out all the time we wanted to create a site that worked well in that space, this meant we had to sacrifice some older browsers.

In good company

In 2008 websites started to drop support for Internet Explorer 6. In 2010 Google decided to stop supporting IE6 and Youtube soon followed suit. In early 2010 Microsoft stopped supporting IE6 and encouraged users to upgrade as soon as possible – actually in Australia Microsoft compared their own Internet Explorer 6 to ’9 year old bad milk’ …

How do I change?

Changing is pretty easy, we have a list of recommended browsers here that you can check out, and updating is as simple as following a click and installing the new one. Go on .. you know you want to.